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Raise a Glass and Toast The Macallan


Happening This Week: Toast The Macallan!

If you are into whisky, The Macallan is a name that is synonymous with single malts. Following on from the success of the inaugural event last year, The Macallan is back this week with the 2016 edition of Toast The Macallan. Toast The Macallan is one of the headline events from the brand that celebrates its whisky, and this year's iteration also has the added joy of launching The Macallan's newest expression, The Macallan Edition No.1.


Two New Blends


Two Modern Blends

Time to take a break from all that rich old style whisky and have a look at the modern day offerings. The meteoric rise of single malt whiskies (some NAS, some with age but with high prices) has led to a mad inflation of prices for whiskies in general. It seems that in this respect, the last bastion of affordable, quality whisky might well be the blend, the big brother (in terms of total volume of whisky sold) who has seemed to be cast aside by those who feel the single malt is a more cultured choice. 

There are, however, big champions of blends who have sought to increase its status and change its image in the whisky-drinking world's view. The idea that a blend can be made up of great components, stitched together by skilled hands is something that they have trumpted. After all, isn't it possible that if you skillfully blend a few good whiskies together, the sum might be much better than the individual parts? To put this to the test, let's try a couple of blends, The Exclusive Blend 35YO and This is Not a Luxury Whisky.



A Duo Of Ardbeg 1975


A Duo Of Ardbeg 1975s

Two months without a post! No wonder people must be wondering if SGwhisky is still alive. There have been plenty of changes in 2016 and with that a bit of delays have ensued. Now to keep up the blogging momentum! Hopefully those of you who follow this site will feel convinced enough to start reading again.

Let's get back to the swing of things with a duo of whiskies at the Auld Alliance. Old Ardbegs are more often than not stupendous specimens, and it would be a great way to restart the blogging for the year! So let's have a look at this Ardbeg 1975 13YO Duo Set For Intertrade.



Where to Drink - Whisky Butler


The Need to Knows:

Name: Whisky Butler
Tel: +65-9687-8813
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.whiskybutler.sg



New Whisky Files - Glenfarclas 1995 for Vinum


Introducing a New Glenfarclas for Vinum Singapore

Let's keep the momentum going with another new release for the Singapore market that came around a few months ago. Vinum has been a key player in the wine market here in Singapore and their new project, The Whisky Library, has shown their desire to break into the burgeoning whisky market here in Singapore. In conjunction with the 1st anniversary of the The Whisky Library and Vinum's 20th anniversary, the company released a single cask whisky from the famously independent Glenfarclas distillery. Quite a coup to get a nice single cask like this, especially at a time when the industry is closely guarding its stock in face of growing demand and an insatiable appetite for more whisky. With the X'mas season just round the corner, there is still stock of this if you are looking to splurge on a loved one or on yourself!



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