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Happy CNY 2015 - With a Tasting of Jack Wiebers


A Happy Lunar New Year to All - With a Jack Wiebers Tasting

A Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year to all Chinese readers of SGwhisky! May the year of the Goat bring with it good health, prosperity and good whisky! A key part of SGwhisky's job is to talk about new whiskies and to kick off our CNY tastings, we have a nice set from Jack Wiebers Whisky World! Established in the 1990s in Germany, Jack Wiebers is a well-regarded bottler in Europe and since last year, VOM FASS has managed to bring in small amounts of Jack Wiebers whisky into Singapore. The intention of VOM FASS and Jack Wiebers is not to make huge profits, but rather to get people interested in these whiskies, and add a nice layer of variety and knowledge to the growing whisky scene.


 A few whisky enthusiasts were treated to a nice little whisky tasting hosted by Jack Wiebers himself on the 17th of February at VOM FASS @ ION Orchard. Jack's passion for whisky is certainly apparent in his mannerisms and speech, as he confidently brought us through a tasting of 4 whiskies of a relatively new label he created, the World of Orchids label.

The World of Orchids labels are pretty special and Singapore plays an integral part in its inception as these orchids were photographed and chosen from, yes you've guessed it, Singapore. Jack photographed all these orchids whilst visiting the Singapore Botanical Gardens and was inspired to create a range based on these flowers. Now Vanda Miss Joaquims in this set though!

So here are the four whiskies we tried under the Orchid Label, a Teaninich 7YO, Glenallachie 9YO, Glen Garioch 22YO and Caol Ila 30YO.



Old and New Longrow


Two Longrows - One Old One New

Back to tasting, and how about a nice pair of Longrows, which don't really get much airtime on this site. Longrow, as those who like a dram or two would know, is peated Springbank, and has quite a good reputation for some stunning whisky. So let us visit a relatively new one in the Longrow Rundlets and Kilderkins and a more famous one the Longrow 1987/2002 15YO Samaroli. 



Tasting Two New Auld Alliance Releases - Glenturret 36YO and Littlemill 24


Tasting Two New Auld Alliance Releases - Glenturret 36YO and Littlemill 24YO

Back to the tastings after a month off. And here we go with two special releases made specially for the Auld Alliance. Both were bottled late last year for the Auld Alliance and I must say both are pretty interesting whiskies from lesser known distilleries! So let's see how they fare...



Two Golden Glen Grants for the USA


Two Great Glen Grants - Prime Malt 21YO and 27YO

Ah Old Glen Grants, something else in my opinion. These Glen Grants from the 1960s through to the 1980s have all been fabulous sherried whiskies. These two expressions were actually bottled for the USA. It seems that the USA is increasingly become the next big place where whiskies are starting to pop up in houses and shops around the country. These two whiskies were bottled probably in the 1980s under the 'Prime Malt' label, this makes the distillate around the nice 1960s period. So here we go, the Prime Malt Selection No. 21 and the Prime Malt Selection No. 27. 



Happy New Year 2015 - With the Legendary Donini Set


Happy New Year! With the Donini Set...

A happy 2015 to one and all! SGwhisky wishes all a great 2015 ahead, and hope that everyone had a wonderful end to the year. SGwhisky's main resolution this year: Write more reviews! It might mean a bit more truncated posts and perhaps less whiskies per post, but either way, we aim to come up with at least a few tastings a week. 

To kick off the year 2015, let us start with perhaps the most stunning sets I had the honour of trying in late 2014. These babies are really rare but are also a unique and rare piece of whisky history. The following four whiskies were created by Gordon & Macphail in the early to mid 1980s for Donini Imports in Italy. All bottled at cask strength no less, which once again shows just how far ahead of the time these whiskies were. Notice the really nice line 'Aquavite di Cereali' at the bottom of the labels. These four whiskies have been available by the glass (only as a set of four) at the Auld Alliance for about half a year now and these were my holiday drams to myself! So here we go.. the Donini Set: Mortlach 1969, Caol Ila 1969, Laphroaig 1968, Port Ellen 1969



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