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The Christmas Tastings 2014 - B for a Brace of Big 'B' Bruisers (Blair Athol and Benromach)



A Brace of 'B' Distilleries - Blair Athol and Benromach (B for Big Bruisers)

Up next on the list, let us go for some powerful drams from distilleries starting with the letter B. These two have a lot in common, they are Big whiskies, they are Bruising, both have strong inluences from sherry Butts, and that is just the letter B. Let us see what the Benromach 100 Proof 10YO and the Blair Athol 1988/2014 Artist Range #4 have to offer!



The Christmas Tastings 2014 - A for An Auld Alliance Duo


The SGwhisky X'mas Tastings 2014 - A for An Auld Alliance Duo

Quiet times again here at SGwhisky, let's get the X'mas season underway with a few tastings and posts to end the year. To kick us off, let us go with A for Auld Alliance. These two whiskies have been at the bar for a while now, but were new releases that came to the bar around September. A small amount per whisky, but knowing the exacting standards of the people that run the bar, it should hopefully worth shelling out money for. The two whiskies are a Bowmore 11YO For 3Rivers and the Auld Alliance and a Glen Garioch 1990/2014 "Green Garioch".



Where to Drink: The Whisky Library Singapore


The Need to Knows:

Name: The Whisky Library By Vinum
Address: 350 Orchard Road, Shaw Centre, #02-19, S(238868)
Tel: +65-6735-2900
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Opening Hours:
10:30am - 8:30pm daily

Website: http://www.thewhiskylibrary.com.sg

It has certainly been a while since new dedicated whisky shops have opened in Singapore, and so it is with great pleasure that SGwhisky presents to you the newest member of the Singapore whisky fraternity, The Whisky Library. Opened by wine group Vinum, The Whisky Library was borne out of a growing demand in the wine community for something outside of the wine world both for consumption and investment. As a popular digestif amongst some wine lovers, whisky was therefore a logical choice for Vinum to move into.



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A Fingerprint - Benromach 1976 and Benromach 10YO


Tasting Two Benromachs  - Benromach 10YO and Benromach 1976

Back on the tasting bandwagon with a couple of whiskies from a distillery I particularly enjoy, Benromach. I visited Benromach in 2012 where I had the chance to try many of their whiskies and meet the passionate people that run the distillery. Owned by Gordon and Macphail, Benromach has been putting out some really decent expressions in the past few years, and they have recently gone on a campaign to identify the 'fingerprint' that connects older expressions of Benromach and the ones that the distillery now produces since their takeover. G&M have always been passionate about whisky and history, and it is their passion for this heritage that has led them to model their style on what they believe the classic old Speyside 'peated' style would have been like.

So what better way to identify this fingerprint than to try two Benromachs side by side, one older one and one newer one? So here it is, a tasting of the Benromach 10YO and a very revered 1976 vintage!



Tasting Two Indie Bowmores - One 'Sherried', One 'Bourboned'


Tasting Two Indie Bowmores - One Sherry-Cask Matured, One Bourbon Matured

New Bowmores from the late 1990s onwards have always been very decent whiskies to me, and we are seeing more of them turn up in independent bottlings, and now, with the Devil's Cask, 100 Proof, Springtide etc, we see that Bowmore is also officially releasing many decent whiskies to the market. I do hope to see them regain that glorious footing they had in the old realm of whisky greatness.



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